Veterinary Public Health Institute


Dr. Luís Pedro Gomes do Carmo


Department of Clinical Research und Public Health (DCR-VPH)

031 631 57 33
Gebäude Agroscope U 157
Postal Address
Schwarzenburgstr. 161
3097 Liebefeld


Creative Problem Solving in Health Sciences

Development and implementation of IS-ABV (consulting role)

ENOVAT (COST Action 18217) - European Network for Optimization of Veterinary Antimicrobial Treatment

Improving wild animal health and conservation using data mining approaches (collaboration with CityU Hong Kong and Kadoorie Farm & Botanical Garden Corporation)

Pig Data – Health Analytics for the Swiss Swine Industry

SOUND Control (COST Action 17110) - Standardizing OUtput-based surveillance to control Non-regulated Diseases of cattle in the EU

Research interests:

Antimicrobial use and resistance


Evidence based medicine and literature synthesis

Integrated approaches to health (e.g. One Health)


European Board of Veterinary Specialization (EBVS)

European College of Veterinary Public Health (ECVPH)

Network for EcoHealth and One Health (NEOH) – European chapter of EcoHealth International

Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (SVEPM) – ordinary committee member

Introduction to Epidemiology and Biostatistics Summer Course