Veterinary Public Health Institute


Dr. Sc.Nat., N.Sc.IT Beatriz Vidondo

Scientific associate

Department of Clinical Research und Public Health (DCR-VPH)

031 684 57 30
031 684 2460
Liebefeld, Scharzenburgstrasse 161, Gebäude Agroscope U 159, NLG 1. Stock
Postal Address
Schwarzenburgstrasse 161
3097 Liebefeld

Research interests

Statistical Analysis, Regression Analysis

Infectious Disease Modelling

Surveillance and Control of Infectious Diseases

Contact Networks, Heterogeneities in Disease Spread

Spatio-temporal Multivariate Outbreak Detection


2003  M.Sc. Software Engineering, Polytechnical University of Rapperswil, CH

1996  Ph.D. in Ecology & Marine Science, University of Barcelone, Spain          

1992 M.Sc. Ecology & Limnology, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

1990 B.Sc (Hons) First Class in Bio-Statistics, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain               



2014 to present    

Veterinary Public Health Institute, University of Bern, CH

2011 - 2014             

Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape, Swiss Federal Institue of Technology, Zurich, CH

2011 - 2004

Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, Bern, CH

Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern, CH

2003 - 1999

Financial Industry (Actuarial Mathematics), Switzerland

1998 - 1996

Limnological Institute, University of Constance, Germany

1996 - 1992

Center of Advanced Studies (Marine Ecology), Spanish Scientific Council for Research, Blanes, Spain

1991 - 1988

Department of Ecology, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain 

As of 2017
Board member of the Intermediate Staff Association of the University of Bern
As of 2017
Member of the Continuing Education Commission, University of Bern
As of 2017
Member of the Swiss Statistical Society
As of 2017
Member of the European Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
Reviewer of project Epiwork ( for the European Commission (Information Society and Media Directorate - General)

Statistics and Epidemiology (1st and 3rd Year Graduates)

Introduction to Statistics with NCSS

Introduction to Statistics with R

Introduction to Epidemiological Modeling

Coaching on Statistics of Master, Doctoral and Ph.D. students