One Health Challenge

And the winner is...

We are happy to announce that, after some hard deliberation, we have finally chosen the winners of our One Health Challenge!

Our jury has decided to choose two winners: One of the winners is the essay "One Health at the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine of the Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Bern" by Joris Missotten and the other one is "When Tick-talks…in relapses!" by Shivani Ojha.

Both authors will receive the book "Animals, Health, and Society - Health Promotion, Harm Reduction, and Health Equity in a One Health World" as a prize. We would like to thank Dr. Craig Stephen for sponsoring the prize.

We also thank all of those who participated and sent their essays and we hope this was an interesting and useful experience for everyone.


Original announcement

As part of our effort to bolster early career involvement in field-building efforts, we would like to invite you to participate in an Early Career One Health Competition. As many of you know, community involvement, guidance, and leadership is crucial for taking equity-focused One Health approaches to our work. However, not many researchers and practitioners know how to actually do this work. Therefore, this competition will get you to reflect on the importance of community engagement, its applicability to the field of One Health, and how work at the intersection of animal-human-environment health can be complimentary.


Please respond to the prompts below in 2 single-spaced pages (Times New Roman, 12 pt font), and return it to by January 10th, 2021. You may also include original frameworks or figures (not included in the page limit). References are also not included in the page limit. Any citation style is okay.


(1) What principles and practices could best guide One Health engagement with community?

(2) Focusing on strengthening our collective response to issues at the intersection of animal-human-environment health, what engagement, practices, principles, and/or methods are already underway in the Ecohealth, One Health, and Planetary Health fields that can inform equity- and justice-centered community collaboration?

Grading Rubric

A successful paper will: 

  • Explicitly address power dimensions to community collaboration
  • Centers wellbeing for animals, humans, the environment, and the planet
  • Includes equity and justice considerations
  • Include considerations of transdisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity
  • Considerations of how participation is decided, whose voices are included and in what capacity
  • Uses evidence-based suggestions for promoting effective community collaboration 
  • An acknowledgement of the complexity of engaging community 


The author of the most highly ranked essays will be announced on the Veterinary Public Health Institute’s web page and receive the book “Animals, Health, and Society - Health Promotion, Harm Reduction, and Health Equity in a One Health World”. We would like to thank Dr. Craig Stephen, who sponsors this prize.

Original frameworks submitted will be evaluated by the board of EcoHealth International and selected works on incorporating ecohealth, one health, and planetary health approaches may be published on the EcoHealth International webpage and social media accounts.