Support for Researchers, Institutions and Organizations


 The VPHI will consider entering into working relationships with researchers in the Vetsuisse Faculty, the University of Bern, the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) and other academic, government, private industry or business institutions and organizations

Collaborators should contact the VPHI at the earliest stages of the research process, for example when formulating a research hypothesis and designing the study. Many problems with studies can be avoided by using a good study design and understanding the analysis that will be required before the study has been started.

There are no set fees for collaborations; however the VPHI requires funds to operate and has limited resources. Some large and complex studies can take a statistician a month or more to develop the statistical code, run the analyses, interpret the results, and write the appropriate sections of a manuscript(s).  In these situations, the VPHI may be unable to bear the large resource demand without additional compensation. For larger studies, collaborators are advised to discuss resources with the VPHI as early as possible in the research process, so that supporting funds can be written into the budget of the grant application.

Fee for service consulting

Fee for service consulting in statistics and epidemiology will be considered for individuals or organizations when resources are available.

For prices and availability of service please contact: Beatriz Vidondo and Gertraud Schüpbach