Veterinary Public Health Institute

Completed Projects

Community Based Surveillance in Switzerland and Chad

Evaluation of the added value of real-time community based surveillance (CBS) and its OneHealth approach for early disease detection and response

staff involved: Ranya Özcelik und Salome Dürr

Duration: 2017 - 2020

Current surveillance systems often include multiple-step reporting processes (animal owner – veterinarian – official reports) which may slow them down and may lead to underreporting. The proposed project aims to validate a novel approach of community based surveillance (CBS) in Switzerland and Chad, using an electronic data recording tool. Animal owners will directly report real-time syndromes, symptoms and observations which will be centrally analyzed. The added value of CBS and OneHealth approach (integrated analysis of animal and human data, explored in Chad where One Health problems are more accessible) in comparison with the current surveillance system, focusing on Equinella and Pathopig, will be quantified. Sustainability and compliance will be assessed using participatory stakeholder process. If successful, extension of the CBS approach to other species, wildlife or even to the human sector can be explored. In this case, records have to be linked with planned competence centers to allow evaluation of records by experts.