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Risk of Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT) transmission from backyard flocks

Risk of Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT) transmission from backyard flocks

Contact person: Sabine Wanda

In western Switzerland, ILT outbreaks with unknown reason lead to concerns among commercial poultry holders. The risk of backyard farms as a possible source for ILT transmission to professional poultry farms was assessed in this study.

The analysis included:

  • data- and information collection on ILT prevalence in backyard flocks and hobby farms
  • possible risk factors und transmission ways between housing systems,
  • definition criteria and distinction criteria for backyard and professional farms
  • recommendations for risk reduction

Subsequently, a case-control study was designed for the period 2010-2015 for the 16 cantons affected by ILT outbreaks in commercial poultry farms, to assess the risk factors: “proximity of backyard flocks to conventional poultry farms” and density of backyard flocks around conventional poultry farms”. Additionally, the veterinary services of the affected cantons were asked to provide updates on their current disease and database situation, next to wishes in regard of disease control.

Duration: March 2014 – November 2015