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Schmallenberg virus in Swiss dairy cows

 Association of clinical signs after acute Schmallenberg virus infection with milk production and fertility in Swiss dairy cows

contact person: Isabel Lechner

The present study investigated the association of clinical signs and production and fertility parameters in Swiss dairy cows during the SBV epidemic in summer 2012. The assessment was performed on the animal-level, what allowed conclusions on production losses and impact on fertility in the individual animal. Clinical animals showed a remarkable drop in milk yield compared to non-clinical animas and SCC was highest in clinical animals during the SVP period. The number of inseminations was highest in clinical animals during the epidemic, whereas no difference could be found for the NR56, neither between animal subgroups nor different time periods.

This project is a collaboration between the VPHI and the Ruminant Clinic of the Vetsuisse-Faculty Bern.