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Completed Projects

Welfare on Swiss slaughterhouses

Development and validation of animal-based welfare indicators on Swiss slaughterhouses for cattle


Contact person: Patrick Korff
Duration:  2011 -  2012


In the framework of the Project “The slaughterhouse as data source for monitoring and control programs” the use of the Slaughterhouse as source for animal based-welfare indicators is also investigated. The aim of this study is to develop such animal-based indicators as a surveillance tool for cattle on slaughterhouses. We selected potential indicators (e.g. lameness, pneumonia) that are easy to evaluate, have a good reproducibility and repeatability and developed simple, rapid and repeatable scoring systems for the assessment. Currently, we are carrying out a continuous data collection over a period of one year (Dec. 2011-Nov. 2012) in two of the largest Swiss cattle slaughterhouses. We will validate the significance of these indicators by tracing back the results of the data collection to the welfare status on farm level.