Veterinary Public Health Institute


Collaborating projects lead by other institutes:

European project “Vector-borne infections: risk based and cost effective surveillance systems” (VICE) and especially working on WP1 (risk of introduction), WP3 (syndromic surveillance) and WP4 (Joint Risk Score). EMIDA-VICE project in collaboration with INRA, CVI, SVA, DTU, CODA-CERVA, FLI, IBU, VPHI, NVI (2012-2015)

Research interests:

Syndromic surveillance

Vector-borne and exotic diseases

Risk analysis

Zoonosis and One Health approach

Assessment of surveillance networks

Simulation modeling




Member of the coordination unit of the Caribbean animal health network, CaribVET, which brings together 32 countries and territories and 10 international research centers and organizations. CIRAD, UMR CMAEE, French West Indies, Guadeloupe, France.


Post-doctoral position, at Veterinary Public Health Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland




Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Alfort Veterinary School, France

Title of DVM thesis: “Adaptation of the OASIS method to the assessment of the epidemiological surveillance networks in Southeast Asia. Example of the H5N1 surveillance network in Lao PDR.”


MSc in Animal health, epidemiology and surveillance in Southern countries.  CIRAD;   

Montpellier II University; INP-ENVT


PhD in veterinary epidemiology.  INRA, EpiA UR0346 (Clermont Ferrand, France) - CVI, Department of Epidemiology (Lelystat, The Netherlands) - VetAgro-Sup (Lyon, France) - Blaise-Pascal University (Clermont Ferrand, France)   

Title of PhD thesis: “Risk based surveillance for vector-borne diseases in horses: combining multiple sources of evidence to improve decision making.”