Veterinary Public Health Institute


Dr. Beat Thomann

Senior research assistant

Department of Clinical Research und Public Health (DCR-VPH)

031 684 57 35
031 684 24 58
Liebefeld: Schwarzenburgstrasse 161,Gebäude Agroscope U 157 / Bern: Hallerstrasse 6, 3. OG
Postal Address
Schwarzenburgstrasse 161
3097 Liebefeld

SAPHIR – Economic evaluation of new PRRS vaccine technologies

Economic evaluation of the control program for Staphylococcus aureus genotype B in dairy farms in canton Ticino

Veterinary services for cattle and pigs in Switzerland: Supply security and herd health management


2017 – present

Postdoc in Animal Health Economics and Veterinary Epidemiology, Veterinary Public Health Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland

2009 – 2011

Lecturer and consultant for animal feeding, breeding and health, College of Agriculture, Inforama Zollikofen, Switzerland


2013 – 2017

PhD in Veterinary Epidemiology, Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences, Veterinary Public Health Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland

Title of PhD thesis:
“Economic and epidemiologic evaluation of animal disease control programs in Switzerland”

2008 – 2009

MSc in Agroecosystem Science, Major in Animal Science, Minor in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Economics, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

2006 – 2009

Teaching Certificate in Agricultural Sciences, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

2004 – 2008

BSc in Agricultural and Natural Science, ETH Zürich, Switzerland