Support for Students

The goal of the VPHI student coaching program is to improve the epidemiological and statistical knowledge and skills of the graduate students we work with. The program is aimed at enhancing the post graduate learning experience so that as students work through their research projects they learn the epidemiology and statistical theory and methods needed to design and conduct research, and to analyze their own research data.

The VPHI recognizes and promotes self-learning as a vital skill required by graduate students, future researchers and all members of society. The VPHI provides coaching to students through several avenues, but the emphasis in all of them is on self- learning.  Students who access any of these avenues are expected to take full responsibility for their own learning. They are expected to be self-motivated in their learning especially as it relates to their understanding of their own research and the tools and methods they require to complete it.

The VPHI recognizes the critical importance of the relationship between a supervisor and graduate student for the student learning experience and the success of the graduate student. The VPHI expects that supervisors take an active role in mentoring their students, providing them with the support they need to successfully complete their research, including the statistical analysis of their data. 

For more information please contact Beatriz Vidondo.